Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Word/Phrase I Learnt Today: "Lege vaten maken het meeste lawaai"

Lege vaten maken het meeste lawaai - (Empty Barrels Make the Most Noise)

Ok, so we had a meeting about workplace harassment and some were speaking out about it but there was this one guy who mentioned something so irrelevant about what was being discussed that my friend behind me (who speaks dutch), mumbled 'lege vaten maken het meeste lawaai', so even though I kind of knew what he was saying, I really didn't so that's when he explained to me what the saying meant:

He who has the least understanding of it, proclaims his opinion the loudest.

Lege vaten maken het meeste lawaai (lee-gher vaa-tun mah-ken het mee-stuh la-wai)

And that is my new phrase I learnt today!

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